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What is jQuery, how it differ from javascript

This will give brief idea about jQuery and how it differs from normal javascript. It also provides the advantages of jQuery.

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Create simple registration page in Asp.Net MVC

Learn how to create simple registration form in Asp.Net MVC. It will explain how can you store the user’s data at your back end and how HTTP GET and HTTP POST methods will work in Asp.Net MVC.

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Simple HTML Asp.Net MVC Page

Learn how to render HTML content in Asp.Net MVC. This post will explain how to create view, how can you call View from action method of Controller class and how View will work in detail.

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Your First Asp.Net MVC Application

In this post you can learn how to write your First Asp.Net MVC application. I explain the procedure step by step in a simple manner and also I explain how Asp.Net MVC works. Here I am using the C# language to write Asp.Net MVC application, if you want you can write this application in Vb.Net also.

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How to intsall Asp.Net MVC ?

Learn how to install Asp.Net MVC. I provide the information about what are the prerequisites to install Asp.Net MVC and from where you can download MVC software. I explain the simple methods to install Asp.Net MVC.

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Why Asp.Net MVC instead of Asp.Net?

Learn why we have to use Asp.Net MVC instead of Asp.Net. When we have to use Asp.Net MVC instead of traditional Asp.Net and what are the advantages of Asp.Net MVC over traditional Asp.Net.

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What is Asp.Net MVC?

Learn what Asp.Net MVC is and how Asp.Net MVC works. Here also I explain the what are the main objects of Asp.Net MVC and role of each object in Asp.Net MVC execution process.

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Comparisons between WSS and SharePoint

Here, I explain what is Window Sharepoint Services (WSS) and what is Microsoft Sharepoint Server(MOSS). Learn comparisons between WSS and MOSS.

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differences between Sharepoint 2007 and Sharepoint 2003

Learn what are the differences between sharepoint 2007 and sharepoint 2003

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What is Sharepoint

Learn what is sharepoint, what is portal technology and what are the components of sharepoint