Create Team Project in Team Foundation Server 2013

This article explains how to create Team project in TFS 2013 and how to add applications in TFS 2013 source control

Categories: WCF

Step By Step To Create WCF Service, Consume WCF service

This article discuss about how to create WCF service and how to consume WCF service with step by step explanation.

Categories: Asp.Net, WCF

Calling WCF Service using Asp.Net Web Application

This article explains about how to consume WCF service through Asp.Net Web application.

Categories: C#.Net, WCF

Metadata Exchange, MEX Endpoint in WCF

This article discuss about how to exchange metadata using HTTP-GET and MEX Endpoints in WCF services.

Categories: WCF

WCF Hosting, Different Types of WCF Hostings

It explains about different types of WCF Hosting IIS Hosting, Self Hosting, WAS Hosting, Custom Hosting in IIS/WAS and Windows Server AppFabric.

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WCF Endpoints

This article discuss about WCF Endpoints and different elements in WCF Endpoint. It also explains about Address, Binding, Contract in WCF.