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Change or Replace Some Properties Values of a C# List using Linq Lambda

This explains how to replace the value in the list by using Linq lambda expression in C#.

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Compare Two Data tables using LINQ in C#

This article discuss about how to compare two data tables using LINQ in C#, Asp.Net. Also discuss how to get the records from one data table which are not there in second data table.

Categories: C#.Net, Asp.Net, LINQ

Find and Delete empty records from Data Table using LINQ in C#, Asp.Net

This article discuss about how to identify the empty records from a data table by using LINQ in C# and how to delete empty records from the data table using LINQ in Asp.Net, C#.

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LIKE operator in LINQ, Contains, StartsWith, EndsWith in LINQ

This article discuss about SQL Like operator by using Contains, StartsWith and EndsWIth operators in LINQ

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Query Syntax and Method Syntax in LINQ

This explains about query syntax in LINQ, method syntax in LINQ and difference between query syntax and method syntax in LINQ .Net.

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LINQ to SQL Introduction with simple example, LINQ SELECT and INSERT Queries in .Net

This article explains LINQ to SQL with simple example in .Net. It covers LINQ to SQL Select and Insert queries in .Net

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LINQ Introduction

This gives basic idea on LINQ(Language Integrated Query), why we need LINQ, what are the advantages of LINQ over SQL server. It explains LINQ with simple example.