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Test Driven Development (TDD) in C# with Simple Example

It discuss Test Driven Development approach in C# with simple example.

Categories: C#.Net, Asp.Net, Asp.Net MVC

301 Redirect all Pages to New Domain Pages for Asp.Net MVC Application

Explains how to do 301 permanent redirections for all pages from old domain to new domain for Asp.Net MVC application by adding a rule in Web.Config

Categories: C#.Net, Asp.Net Web API

Call Asp.Net Web API DELETE Method in C#

Delete the resource by invoking the Asp.Net Web API using Delete method in C#

Categories: C#.Net, Asp.Net Web API

Call Rest API PUT Method in C#

Call Asp.Net Web API (Rest API) PUT method to update the resource in C#.

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Different Collections in C#

It provides different collections available in C# and their usage.