Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Xamarin Android Project Templates

Microsoft included several project templates for Xamarin Android in Visual Studio 2017. Today we discuss each Xamarin Android project template.

Open Microsoft Visual Studio 2017, select File => New Project and Select Android under Visual C# as shown below.

Blank App (Android): This template uses to create a standard new Android application that targets the newest Android SDK’s install on your machine.

Wear App (Android): This template uses to create an application for Android Wear like smart watches.

WebView App (Android): To build a hybrid app using HTML for certain parts use WebView App (Android) template.

OpenGL Game (Android): This template used to create gaming applications targeting Android platform.

Class Library(Android): To create a class library which targets only Android platform use this template.

Single-View App (Android): This template used to create an Android application which has only one view.

Binding Library (Android): To call Java Library from C# use Binding Library template.

UI Test App (Xamarin.UITest | Android): This template used to create a project for running UI tests either locally or on Xamarin Test Cloud.

Unit Test App (Android): To create a project that can run NUnit tests use Unit Test App Android template.